This is the NOTICE section of the site.

INSTRUCTIONS: I hate to say I told you so all the time. 

ALLOWED: Taking out photos, downloading & reposting on various SNS sites with proper credits or link of my original posts either from here, Twitter or Imgur.

NOT ALLOWED: Cropping of logo, editing the photos, personal & commercial use (using the photos and/or making it as fan arts), not putting proper credits and selling.

If you wish to use any of my photos, kindly please do not hesitate to ask permission first.

REAL TALK: Don’t be keyboard warriors fighting for nothing.

Please let’s maintain the courtesy and respect each of us deserve, aight?

Anyone showing discourtesy to the administrator or other site visitors through the comment sections “c’MON say something” will be blocked.

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Thank you!


Annisa salsa

ello Masternim I am Annisa Salsa from Indonesia, I want to ask permission to use photos of your results for the design of cup sleeves or cup holder and goodies for the NamKook birthday. Do you allow ?? Thank you


Hii, im Anitha from Indonesia. I’d like to invite you to join in my project. It’s a project BTS photo exhibition. Do you want to join?


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